Covid Testing & Vaccinations

HR Advantage Advisory and Clark Hill’s Labor & Employment team can provide multiple options to address Covid testing, testing exemptions and vaccination programs. We actively work with our clients to develop strategies to build compliant programs, policies and processes. Even if you are not subject to a federal or state mandate, we can help implement your company’s COVID response and vaccine programs. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Assistance with developing a comprehensive policy and procedures for administering a mandated vaccinations.
  • Development of a communication strategy, vaccination education and incentive program for your entire workforce to assist in increasing vaccination rates or to address morale issues that may result from mandatory programs.
  • Religious and disability exemption request review and administration management, including tracking and reporting, and recommendations for approval/disapproval and managing any change in employee status.
  • Assistance with sourcing and developing an alternative weekly testing program.
  • Assistance in disciplining or terminating employees who fail to comply with your vaccination program.
  • Assistance with leave programs for employees impacted by exemptions from vaccines that keep them out of the physical work site.
  • Legal representation to defend against discrimination, retaliation or civil rights challenges made to the EEOC or state administrative agencies, or responding to threatened or filed lawsuits.

If you have any questions about vaccine mandates or any of these services, please contact your Clark Hill Labor & Employment attorney or a member of the HR Advantage Advisory team.