A key component of HR/Advantage Advisory is that we partner seamlessly with organizations who want to deliver value to their membership or client base by offering advisory HR services and products. We are seeking organizations such as Payroll Companies, Benefit Brokers, Insurance Agents, Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce who are ready to develop a customized offering for their clients or members. HR/Advantage Advisory offers our Partners a mutually beneficial working relationship by providing value-added services from a trusted strategic partner who will respect the source organization relationship.

Partnering with HR/Advantage Advisory will provide a competitive advantage and help you win new business. With HR/Advantage Advisory, powered by Clark Hill, we can provide the compliant, employment-related services, tools, templates, and training clients seek, usually at a lower cost to your client than other large service companies. Call us today to discuss the opportunity to partner.

  • Payroll Companies
  • Benefit Brokers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Other potential channel partners
  • Increase your client retention rate
  • Expand and add value to client relationships
  • Compete for new and larger clients
  • Increase your customer service capability
  • Devote more time to business development

Alliance Benefit Solutions is a full-service, employer benefit and employee services solution company. Our focus is on the business owner. Our team of specialists are expertly trained to provide you the timely service you need in today’s fast-paced business environment.

NJAA is a unique group of New Jersey’s elite independent insurance agents. NJAA is dedicated to connecting business owners and individuals to the best insurance companies, greatest choices, and most competitive pricing available.

 Primepoint is a payroll processing and human resource management company offering fully integrated suite of technology tools. The company addresses the needs of small, mid-size, and large businesses, and is capable of serving companies with 10,000 or more employees.

ASSET360 consulting provides a complete enterprise resilience solution that revolutionizes how companies identify vulnerabilities, mitigate threats, and effectively communicate in the face of disruptive events or crises.

Leveraging proven and advanced methodologies, including state-of-the-art assessments, training, and experience, ASSET360 is well-positioned to help clients solve complex business problems and deliver confidence during uncertain times.