HR/Advantage Advisory is designed to assist companies significantly reduce the risk of regulatory or compliance liability by outsourcing the Human Resources (HR) function in a cost-effective way. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals provide practical solutions to complex human resource issues. This enables business owners to focus on their core business. With HR/Advantage Advisory, you can rest easy knowing that you have our resources at your fingertips.

Proactive Risk Management Solutions to Help Comply with Federal, State, and Local Employment Law
Access to Knowledgeable HR Advisors and Compliant Employment-Related Documents
Practical and Timely HR Operational Advice
Highly Responsive Team That Will Take Action on Inquiries in Less than One-Half of a Business Day
Complimentary e-Alerts from Clark Hill PLC Informing You of Important Changes in Employment Law
Complimentary Webinars by Clark Hill PLC Attorneys and/or Certified HR Professionals
Advantage Pricing for Clark Hill PLC Events such as Employment Law Conferences and Workshops