Executive Coaching & Business Succession Consulting


While the concept of coaching is used in many contexts, executive coaching in a business setting is different from other types of coaching.  A successful coaching engagement with an executive coach enables employees to reflect on priorities and direction and overcome personal challenges that are inhibiting professional growth with an unbiased, trained, and objective person.  Engaging an executive coach is an investment in the growth and development of both current and new leaders. Creating a Level Five Leader can transform your business, helping it move from Good to Great!*

Results for those coached may include:

  • Seeing themselves more clearly, including their blind spots and biases.
  • Learning how to inspire and manage others, a skill that many managers who have been promoted into a leadership role have never been taught.
  • Learning how to build more productive relationships with peers and increase collaboration on a team, leading to greater organizational achievement.
  • Setting and achieving goals for performance with organizational buy-in and support.


Business Succession Consulting can be used to help business owners and leaders determine, for the individual and the business, the desired legacy and successful leadership transition to retain and enhance the enterprise value.

Results for succession consulting may include:

  • Determining the vision and goals for the future of the business.
  • Identifying a successor and creating a viable transition plan.
  • Ensuring business continuity and knowledge transfer plans are in place.
  • Creating an internal and external communication strategy.

We have two certified coaches on our team: Annette Cataldi and Holly Maurer-Klein. Contact one of our coaches to learn more.

*See Jim Collins’ Five Levels of Leadership in Good to Great